Friday, July 22, 2016

Love And Pain

Followers I wrote this poem a while ago the title is Love & Pain.  The poem refers to some type of Pain. Can someone guess which type of Pain? And Love  what type motherly or not?

This feeling and sensation 
burning inside of me. Each breath 
I inhale and exhale are like tiny cuts. 
My heart feels the pain. 

Unbearable the sensation I feel. 

has no end... 
"Amazing the creation" 
Heart rate rising, 
blood flowing,through each vein 

crystallized drops 
pouring through my eyes 
love and pain

The second poem is a beautiful poem called Lost Souls that I recorded with my voice for the first time.  I was very nervous to do so since I had my stroke in 2007 I have so difficulty with articulation.

I thought about writing this poem, but my gut feeling told me it would sound better if my followers would just listen to it so I overcame my biggest fear and decided to record for you all;)

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