Saturday, August 6, 2016

Web Of Lies

I am hurting, and now I can see clearly,
What does, she pretends with her lies?
The truth, for goodness sake!
Was my little sister Mary L taken? She’s been missing for 40 yrs. Taken by her father (Lloyd, Michael Patrick)? She was born in Orlando, FL probably between (1969 or 1971). 

accidental death.  Afterwards, we were split up I went to live with my mother’s sister. My mother moved to My little brother Mareo G. Who was only 4yrs old, died in August 5, 1971 acFlorida with her husband Lloyd M. and my older brother.  Something happened between my mother and her husband Lloyd I know they were separated at the time.  My sister Mary L. Patrick has been missing either on (1972 or 1973) taken by her father Lloyd Michael  Patrick
Mother I don’t care if you lied.  I am not going to judge you.   I just want to find her. I want to know the truth.  We all at some point in our lives do things that we one day will regret.  Then we have to live with the consequences of those mistakes we make.

Wouldn’t you want to hug and kiss your daughter?  Know if she is married to a good man.  See if she had any children.  Know what high school, she graduated from.  Did she continue her education and obtain a college degree?  Is she’s a housewife or works from home?

 Remember! Mother, sooner or later I will know what happened, regardless if you tell me or not I will continue my search I have faith I will find my sister alive or dead.  Nothing in this world can be hidden forever, sooner or later your web of lies will come to light.

Friday, July 22, 2016

I AM Poetic Gurl Writer : Love And Pain

I AM Poetic Gurl Writer : Love And Pain: Followers I wrote this poem a while ago the title is  Love & Pain .  The poem refers to some type of  Pain . Can someone guess which ty...

Love And Pain

Followers I wrote this poem a while ago the title is Love & Pain.  The poem refers to some type of Pain. Can someone guess which type of Pain? And Love  what type motherly or not?

This feeling and sensation 
burning inside of me. Each breath 
I inhale and exhale are like tiny cuts. 
My heart feels the pain. 

Unbearable the sensation I feel. 

has no end... 
"Amazing the creation" 
Heart rate rising, 
blood flowing,through each vein 

crystallized drops 
pouring through my eyes 
love and pain

The second poem is a beautiful poem called Lost Souls that I recorded with my voice for the first time.  I was very nervous to do so since I had my stroke in 2007 I have so difficulty with articulation.

I thought about writing this poem, but my gut feeling told me it would sound better if my followers would just listen to it so I overcame my biggest fear and decided to record for you all;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I Am Poetic Gurl

Poetic girl is my writer's name I write because is a stress reliever. I began to write in a journal as a teenager about 14 years old. For the first time, when I saw a friend from school get hit by the school bus and died instantly. I couldn't take that image out of my head for a long time, I was traumatized. At home I did not have anyone to talk too about it no one cared about me really or at least about my feelings. The school didn't offer any counselling for the students,  like they do here in the states. All my poetry was about my feelings and others; experiences in life, love and painful moments I have endured.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Lagrimas (Teardrops) Gotas de cristal rosan mi rostro (Cristal tears cover my face) Caen poco a poco Sobre mi cello (They are falling slowly) Formando un collar de lindo Recuerdos (Leaving a chain of beautiful memories) 
 Cada gota significa lo Que hubo entre Nosotros (Each teardrop signifies what happened between us) Solo Tengo Que cerrar mis Ojos y recordar cada Momento (All I have to do is close my eyes and remember each moment) Cuando estuvimos juntos (When we both were together) 
 Cada Vez Que Nuestro cuerpos se encontraban Everytime our bodies are close to each other El Deseo era más intenso (The sexual desire was more intense) Nos olvidábamos del Mundo (We would forget about the world itself)
 Y se detenía el Tiempo (Time did not matter) 
 Solo existían él y yo en ese momento (Only he and I existed at the moment) Donde Nuestra Piel y alma se unía come uno solo Cuerpo (Our bodies begin to make love and the bodies become one) 
 Mi cuerpo temblaba Cada Vez Que sus Manos (Her body had chills every time he caresses her) Acariciaba mi Piel con sus besos (He caresses your skin with his kisses) 
 Para el Tiempo solo existían dos almas con un Mismo deseo (For time only existed 2 souls with the same thought) (Nuestros encuentros amoroso fueron tan bellos) (Our time together was like a lovely romance) Hoja en Blanco hoy te confieso (White pages today I can confess) 
 (Mis más grande secretos) (To you my biggest secrets) Que Cada día que pasa (Each day that goes by) Mi Cuerpo te desea en Silencio (I crave your body in silence) Quiero Calmar esta sed que me (These sexual cravings) está quemando por dentro (Burning me inside d)
 Sé Que Estamos Vivien does solo Este Momento (I know we are only living this moment in time) Mañana no existe si no el Tiempo (We do not want to think about tomorrow at this moment) Tomorrow only exist time (Tomorrow only exist in time) Donde ni tú y yo Tenemos Miedo
 (Where only you and I are scared) De entregarnos completamente sin reservas hasta alcazar el paraíso Of really being truthfully honest about how we really feel for one another) 
 Cada Vez Que haciamos el Amor (We only make love and never ask questions) No haciamos preguntas Nuestra miradas, pieles, y cuerpos
 (Always doubtful, but blissfully enjoying our nakedness Calmen sus instintos hasta llegar juntos los dos al punto final (Slowing down so we can both be sexually satisfied) Recuerdo Como mi cuerpo se estremecía de placer (I can remember how my body would tremble of pleasure) Solo Tengo Que cerrar Mis Ojos para recordar cada huella Que dejaste en mi cuerpo (All I have to is close my eyes and remember each memory you left behind) 
 Tan solo de Pensar en esos mementos crece conmigo ese deseo constante (Just by thinking about that moment I get aroused and it increases) Tengo tanto Lindos Recuerdos
Que solo tres fuimos testigos (I have so many beautiful memories that only three are witness of) Y Ahora esta Cadena de gotas de Lagrimas (And now this chain of teardrops) Junto a mi pecho conservan Nuestra Historia de dos almas y dos pieles y un Mismo deseo… (Will always carry the history of two souls with the same thought)